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De grootste én gezelligste studentenvolleybalvereniging van Groningen!

Becoming a member!


Are you a student and would you like to play volleyball and get to know new people at the best association in Groningen? G.S.V.V. Donitas is the biggest and highest playing student volleyball association in The Netherlands! The ideal place to play volleyball.


In addition to volleyball, Donitas also has a super fun association life. Various committees ensure that playing at Donitas becomes unforgettable including parties, Amelandweekend, the beach tournament, the DKV tournament, holidays, monthly drinks in our favorite pub, and much more. Everything for an unforgettable time!


With 16 women's teams, 11 men's teams and 4 weekly teams, Donitas is the largest volleyball association for students. The teams are divided over almost every level (from Top Division to Fourth Class). So there is always a team for you, even if you are just starting out with volleyball.

Why Donitas?

Donitas is the largest student volleyball association in the Netherlands. With so many members, there are always people with whom you get along well. In addition, a large association needs many committees to make all the fun things possible. Plenty of opportunities to learn more than just playing volleyball. And last but not least: at Donitas you will experience the most beautiful parties!

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